Targets of assessment at the workplace

To be able to assess learning in the correct way, you must be familiar with the learning objectives. As a workplace tutor, you must acquaint yourself with the qualification requirements. The teacher will help you interpret them and adapt them to the operation of your workplace.

The learning objectives, i.e. the professional skills requirements, can be found in the vocational qualification requirements. The assessment targets and criteria described in them refer to the skills and knowledge needed in the field of the student. They can be divided, for example, into the following groups:

  • Professional skills:
    • Is the student mastering the work methods and tools?
    • Is the student mastering the work process?
    • Is the student able to plan his/her work?
    • Does the student take care of occupational safety?
  • Social skills in working life:
    • Is the student adapting to the work community?
    • Is the student active and independent?
    • Does collaboration with others go smoothly; what are the student’s interaction skills like?
  • Planning and development abilities:
    • How planned and systematic are the activities of the student?
    • How does the student solve problems?
    • Can the student give and receive feedback properly?

Many qualifications are extensive and can be applied to many fields. Are the targets of your student’s assessment clear to you? What do they mean in your profession and at your workplace?