Why is assessment needed?

Assessment is the monitoring of the development of learning. It provides information for both the assessor and the learner.  If one gets lost on the way, assessment shows the right path and directs action towards the right things.

Assessment has a key role in tutoring

  • It provides feedback on learning and an opportunity to plan the tutoring further.

Assessment and monitoring are performed by

  • the teacher, the workplace tutor and often the rest of the work community as well.

The benefit gained from assessment is mutual.

  • It can also be used by the workplace tutor to focus and develop his/her tutoring.

Assessment is also an important tool in collaboration with the teacher.

  • The teacher is a professional of assessment and can provide tips on conducting assessment.

The teacher does not monitor the student’s development daily. Therefore, it is your task as the workplace tutor to guide, monitor and assess the progress of learning at the workplace. Together with the teacher, you can exchange information on the development of the student’s skills.

When skills have developed in line with the objectives for a certain module, the preparation, planning and scheduling of vocational skills demonstrations can be started in collaboration with the teacher.