Developing as a workplace tutor

Tutoring is a developing skill

You develop into a skilled workplace tutor through experience. We encourage you to evaluate your own skills as a workplace tutor and to acquire additional knowhow in a way that suits you.

Test your skills as a workplace tutor with the Mestari self-evaluation test.
The set of self-evaluation criteria for a learning work community helps you identify the strengths and development areas of your workplace.

Explore the training available for workplace tutors that includes something for everyone – whether you are a new workplace tutor or an experienced one. Networking with other workplace tutors always offers something new even to experienced workplace tutors.

Tutoring skills benefit the whole work community and manifest themselves in everyday routines as fluent action and competence. Training available for workplace tutors can be combined with other staff training in your company.

Keys to successful tutoring include collaboration between the workplace and educational institute.