Services for workplace tutors

Workplace tutors and workplaces are supported in many ways in order to make on-the-job learning as successful as possible. Contact the educational institute to agree on the most suitable solutions and best ways to communicate.

Tutoring training for workplace tutors and work communities

Tutoring skills can be developed in many ways. Choose the way that suits you best, for example, self-study, group activities, online materials or training organised at your workplace. Training allows workplace tutors to develop their tutoring skills and exchange experiences. It is also a good idea to update your tutoring skills. Contact the nearest educational institute and ask about training.

Examples of training

Workplace tutor’s “start-up training” is suitable for someone becoming the workplace tutor of a student for the first time. There is also start-up training available tailored specifically to workplace tutors of apprenticeship students who need to acquaint themselves with the practices of apprenticeship training. Start-up training is also arranged as webinars of approximately one hour in length.

Other workplace tutor training themes relate to the role and tasks of the workplace tutor, the challenges of learning, facing diversity and guiding young people, among other things. Other supplementary training is organised in occupational safety and health and the utilisation of digital tools in tutoring, for example.

Workplace tutor training is organised as a 1–3 day module. The qualification requirements of vocational education and training now include acting as a workplace tutor as an optional module of the qualification. The students can complete this as part of their vocational studies.

Join workplace tutor networks

Tutoring is reciprocal. It develops the skills of both the student and the workplace tutor. Go to meetings with other workplace tutors, attend training organised for workplace tutors and join peer groups. In discussions with other workplace tutors, you learn a lot from your peers and their experiences. You keep up with the development of your field while learning new things. Among workplace tutors, you are never alone.