How do we find a student suitable for us?

On-the-job training can be a way to develop or deepen the skills of the work community or to acquire additional manpower. In the working life collaboration, companies also see benefits in providing opportunities for on-the-job learning. Collaboration with vocational institutes can be the key to ensuring labor force in the future.

Paths to working life

Through collaboration with vocational institutes, it is possible to acquire new employees suitable for the field and to ensure the availability of skilled personnel in the future as well.

Through on-the-job learning or work try-out, workplaces can find the skilled workers they need. During these periods, learners and employers can get to know one another and work together for some time before making any agreement on employment. These periods often result in a summer job or final project for the student.

Through on-the-job learning and different work try-outs, workplaces can find people with suitable skills to become part of the community. This way, the parties get to know each other’s way of working. These periods provide the opportunity to identify the student’s skills, assess suitability for the field and willingness to learn before entering into an apprenticeship or other employment contract, for example. Through these periods, learner and company-specific study paths can be compiled from a combination of qualifications and their modules.