Learning at work and in other environments

With the development of working life, the view on learning has also widened. New things are learned and skills are acquired in many kinds of learning environments: workplaces, educational institutes, digital environments and leisure activities.

Customer orientation takes into account the opportunities of the workplace and the needs of the student

Customer-oriented planning of studies utilises opportunities, skills and strengths offered by different learning environments. In practice, this means that the learning opportunities offered by workplaces and educational institutes are recognised. At the same time, the distribution of work can be agreed on: what is learned in what learning environments and how it is learned, and how educational collaboration is implemented in the network. This also ensures the extensive professional competence of a student.

Competence-based training enables individual study paths

The purpose of vocational education and training is to produce skills to face the working life of the future. Previously, skills have been viewed more from the perspective of qualifications and training. In the future, the customer’s need will be the starting point for building solutions for the student and for working life. In practice, qualifications will be used more flexibly and study paths will be built to be more individual. Instead of completing the entire qualification, skills can be acquired by completing units, and learning will take place in different learning environments.

What is learnt at workplaces?

The planning of on-the-job learning starts from the needs and possibilities of the student and also the workplace. These are compared with the contents of the qualifications in order to build a suitable plan.  The results include skills that are in line with the needs of working life and, ideally, the diverse and continuous development of each person’s own skills that can also be shared with others. Read below how workplace instructors answer the question “What is learnt at workplaces?”

It is important to remember that the workplace is a learning environment for both employees and students.