Assessing learning at the workplace

Assessment is an important part of learning. Continuous and regular assessment forms intermediate stages in learning and the development of skills. Assessment provides information and feedback on what has been learnt and what more must be learnt. Without assessment, learning can remain invisible.

A vocational student is assessed and receives feedback in many situations: at the workplace, at the educational institute and in vocational skills demonstrations. The teacher is responsible for assessing the student in vocational skills demonstrations and collecting the assessments. Providing feedback and assessing learning during the on-the-job learning period is an essential part of tutoring and the role and task of the workplace tutor. The teacher guides and supports the workplace tutor in this task.

Students and workplaces are different, and the implementation of assessment varies accordingly. Working with the student daily and working at different locations mean different solutions for assessment. The role of the workplace tutor as assessor also changes with the development of the student. What is common with all situations is that assessment and discussion times should be scheduled regularly.

Assessment and feedback are useful if they are performed along the way, not just in the end. Continuous assessment includes, in turn, monitoring of the student’s work tasks, feedback, self-assessment by the student and tutoring sessions agreed on in advance. Good feedback is fair and just, motivating and encouraging the learner to reach the learning objectives. It is always based on the criteria of the qualification requirements, which the workplace tutor should be familiar with.

Many workplace tutors feel that assessing a student is challenging. When you think of assessment as quality maintenance of the operations and processes of your workplace, assessment is also connected with the everyday activities of the workplace. Assessment skills should be developed because the assessment and development of the work of others is one of the most important skills needed in working life.