Competence demonstrations and competence assessment


In the vocational education system competence demonstration and competence assessment take place in real work environments. Assessors compare the competence demonstrated by the student to the assessment criteria and the assessment scale.

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The assessment targets and criteria

The learning objectives, i.e. the professional skills requirements, can be found in the vocational qualification requirements. The assessment targets and criteria described in them refer to the skills and knowledge needed the student.

To be able to assess learning in the correct way, you must be familiar with the learning objectives. As a workplace tutor, you must acquaint yourself with the qualification requirements. The teacher will help you interpret them and adapt them to the operation of your workplace.

Is student ready to demonstrate competence?

The teacher does not monitor the student’s development daily. Therefore, it is your task as the workplace tutor to guide, monitor and assess the progress of learning at the workplace. Together with the teacher, you can exchange information on the development of the student’s skills.

When skills have developed in line with the objectives for a certain module, the preparation, planning and scheduling of vocational skills demonstrations can be started in collaboration with the teacher.

Together with the teacher, you ensure that the student is ready to demonstrate competence and has the necessary level of skill.

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