What does acting as a workplace tutor give you?

As a workplace tutor, you engage in meaningful work

The workplace and tutors have a significant role in vocational education and training. With young students, you are involved in accustoming them to working life. When recruiting, you are in an active role in strengthening the commitment of new employees and training them. An experienced worked who is developing his/her competences also needs a peer to support learning. You are needed!

You open doors for your own development as well

As a workplace tutor, you deepen your own expertise as well as your tutoring skills. You broaden your skills, get a new perspective on your own work and field and improve your professionalism. You learn to plan your own work and that of others and become capable of providing and receiving feedback. All of these are useful, valued skills in working life. Acting as a workplace tutor for others is a path towards the role of a supervisor.


Tutoring benefits the work community as well

  • Induction is made flexible.
  • The work community can review, evaluate and develop workplace processes.
  • The work community learns to share information and knowhow; the vulnerability caused by absences is reduced.
  • Mutual peer support and interaction is increased at the workplace; the sense of community is supported.
  • The readiness for learning and change in the work community is developed.
  • The workplace tutor is not left alone.
  • The ability of the work community to learn and offer tutoring is one of the success and attraction factors of the company. 

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