Apprenticeship and training agreement


Studying at the workplace is either based on apprenticeship or on training agreement. Both can be flexibly combined.

Learning at work can be used to acquire competence in all vocational qualifications as well as other training advancing or supplementing vocational skills. Studying at the workplace can cover an entire degree, a module or a smaller part of the studies.



  • The apprenticeship is based on a fixed-term contract between the student and the employer.
  • The student is a full-time worker and receives pay.
  • The student, education provider and employer agree on the arrangements on the apprenticeship together. en.
  • Most of the competence will be acquired at the workplace through practical work tasks and will be reinforced in other learning environments if needed.
  • Hours per week min. 25 h.


Training agreement

  • The student is not in a contract of employment and does not receive any pay or other compensation.
  • The agreement is drawn between the education provider and the workplace.
  • No minimum or maximum amount has been set for competence acquired in connection with practical work tasks.
  • Education and training organised at the workplace is planned as part of the personal competence development plan, taking into account the competence needs of the workplace and individuals.
  • The plan is attached to the agreement and the training is designed in cooperation with different parties.

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