HOKS, personal development of competence

Because every student has a different learning background, an individual plan is always created for each student’s studies.

In collaboration, a qualification module plan and schedules are created for:

training organised at the educational institute
key work tasks concerning on-the-job learning and vocational skills demonstrations

Work tasks are planned to support learning

In the development of professional skills, it is important for the student to participate in a wide range of tasks at the workplace and to explore all areas of the work. When work tasks are planned and their versatility is ensured, the student will understand the operations of the workplace as a whole. When the workplace tutor gets acquainted with the student’s skills and learning objectives, the student has the possibility to learn the right things.

The teacher is responsible for the training as a whole

The teacher maps out the starting level of the student through discussions and self-assessment and by comparing previous experience and skills to the objectives of the qualification. Based on the starting level, the teacher and the student decide on work tasks that provide the opportunity to reach the skills described in the objectives of the qualification. It is good to remember that in addition to training, skills are also acquired in hobbies and other activities.

Making the plan is called the personalisation process

It results in a personal competence development plan (HOKS). In the plan, the skills of the student, the qualification requirements and the tasks of the workplace are defined. For each student, previously acquired skills, necessary skills, ways to acquire the skills, vocational skills demonstrations necessary tutoring and support are taken into account.

The plan is updated throughout the studies, all the way from applying for a study place to completing the qualification.

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